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Create Your Own Toothbrush Holder

SKU 540
$5.00 each sold in cases of 50
Insert size: 8.75" x 3.125"

Sold in a pack of 50, the Create Your Own Toothbrush Holder is the perfect accessory for bathrooms!  

  • Toothbrush holders are made of a thick, clear plastic
  • Design of the holder features a clear cup, with a clear screw-on top
  • Each individual holder can hold up to 4 toothbrushes
  • Each can display one 8.75" x 3.125" photo, embroidery, or drawing
  • Included is a blank, white piece of paper for decorating.  Or use it as a template to cut your image down to size
  • To personalize, unscrew the top from the base
  • Remove the inner liner, and insert your design into the base
  • Replace the inner liner, and screw the top back onto the base
  • Images are inserted in between the holder, and the inner liner, so your photo is fully protected
  • Combine toothbrush holders with our photo soap dispenser and photo tissue box for the ultimate personalized bathroom decor!