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Easter Egg Resin Photo Snow Globe w/ Blue Base

SKU 2731L
$8.00 each sold in cases of 12
Insert size: 2" x 3"

This beautiful collectible photo snow globe is perfect for displaying your favorite photo during the Easter Holiday!

  • Overall size of an individual snow globe is approximately 4" x 4" x 5"
  • Each globe can hold one vertical photo in 2" x 3" size
  • The top portion of the snow globe is made of a thick, durable plastic, NOT glass
  • Design features a clear globe sitting on a shiny blue base and shaped like an egg
  • Base is made of resin with hand-painted, intricate details such as butterflies, flowers, and a yellow banner with the phrase "Happy Easter" in blue
  • Each globe can hold two vertical photos, one on each side
  • Inside the globe is white snow and iridescent glitter that floats when shaken
  • Contents settle at the bottom when on a flat surface
  • To personalize, twist the globe to the left to detach it from the base, slide your photos in the opening at the bottom of the globe, use the included foam insert to prevent photos from shifting, then place the globe on top of the base, and twist to the right to secure
  • Each individual snow globe comes packaged in a gift box which makes it a perfect gift for Easter gatherings, Easter egg hunts, birthdays, and more
  • This is a decorative item and recommended for ages 14 and up