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Metal Button Punch for 2.25" Neil Button Machine

SKU 9815
$18.00 each

Item Number: 9815

  • Intended to be used with 2.25" Neil Metal Button Machine (#913MM)
  • Cuts the perfect size circle, 2.625" needed to create 2.25" metal buttons (the circle is slightly larger than the actual button because the edge gets wrapped around the metal)
  • This handheld punch has a viewing area to make sure your design is cut in the right spot
  • This cutter is NOT adjustable, it only cuts one size circle
  • This cutter does NOT work with 20# copy paper. It works with paper 32# or heavier, this includes paper used for flyers, brochures, books, and photo paper.

To cut your circles:

1. Slide in your paper
2. Line your design up so it's visible in the viewing area
3. Push on the red handle to cut
4. Open up the clear cover to remove your circles
Your circles are now ready for creating buttons!