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Deluxe Sports Photo Folios

SKU 3810
$11.50 each sold in cases of 12

Includes mats for photos of all sizes!


Showcase your favorite sports photos with Neil Enterprises Vinyl Sport Photo Folios! Perfect for showcasing images from games, or tournaments. Also makes a great add-on to any sports photography package.

  • Overall size of an individual folder is 10.25" x 10.5" x 0.25"
  • Design on the front features a multidimensional, high quality, textured cover
  • Features premium stitching which makes the folder seem like a real ball
  • Folders have an easy to use, self-stick design
  • 6 black mats are included to border photos, 2 mats for each size
  • Each mat has an overall size of 10" x 10", and can accommodate 3 different photo sizes
  • Photo sizes include two 7" x 9", two 5" x 7", and two 4" x 6"
  • Can be used for vertical or horizontal photos
  • Mix and match different mats for your folder
  • Photos are not interchangeable once they adhere to the folder

To Personalize:

First, stick the photo or photos to the black mat. To do this, locate the white adhesive strips on the back of the mat. Peel off the top layer, and stick your image photo side down onto the mat. Once photos are in place, stick the mat to the sticker sheet in the open folder. Locate the perforated corners on the top left, and top right of the folder. Remove the corner of the sticker sheet, and place the corresponding corner of the mat to the folder and press down. Once corner is in place, remove the remaining portion of the white sticker sheet, and finish pressing your mat down to the folder.

Available Sports:

Baseball (#3810), Football (#3812), Basketball (#3813, and Soccer (#3811)