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Modern Flash Drive Box

SKU 167
$5.50 each sold in cases of 12

Whether you call it a thumb drive, flash drive, USB drive, or that thingy, this box will hold it!

  • Flash drive boxes are made out of a faux leather material
  • Overall size of an individual flash drive box is approximately 4" x 3" x 1.5"
  • Each box can hold one standard size flash drive, which is NOT included
  • Box can display one photo or graphic in 3.75" x 1.25" size
  • Image is located horizontally in the middle of the box on the cover
  • Design features a magnetic closure flap to keep the box closed and secure
  • Inside of the box is a black velvet, padded cushion with an elastic cord to hold the flash drive in place
  • To personalize, slide your photo or insert into the small space between the box and the glass covering
  • Simple customization allows you to easily tailor your presentation box for many clients
  • Flash drive boxes are a modern and elegant way to delivery digital files to your client