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Photo-in-a-Bottle Snow Globe

SKU 2788
$3.50 each sold in cases of 24

Insert size: 2" x 2-7/8"

These photo-in-a bottle snow globes offer an incredibly unique photo presentation. Use these bottles for craft projects, photo giveaways, and so much more!
  • Overall size of an individual snow globe is approximately 7.5" x 2" x 4.25"
  • Each globe can hold two vertical photos in 2" x 2.875" size, one on each side
  • This size is a trimmed 2" x 3" image
  • Snow globe bottles are made out of a thick, hard plastic with a brown cork
  • Base is made of plastic, and black in color
  • Inside the globe is white snow, iridescent glitter, and silver stars that float about when shaken
  • Contents settle at the bottom when the globe is resting on a flat surface
  • To personalize, locate the plastic cover that is found on the bottom edge of the bottle
  • Pull off the cover, and use the clear tab to remove the insert
  • Place your photos inside the globe utilizing the clear insert to prevent your photos from sliding
  • Once photos are in place, snap the clear cover back onto the bottle, shake and enjoy!
  • Cork should NOT be pulled apart from the bottle
  • Each photo-in-a-bottle snow globe comes individually packaged in a white gift box, perfect for gifting and more
  • U.S. Patent #6,027,774