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Photo Pet Bowls

SKU 3750
$4.50 each sold in cases of 12

Insert size: 2-7/8" diameter


Sold in a pack of 12, these photo pet bowls are are perfect add-ons for pet photographers, as well as custom items in pet shops or veterinarian offices!

  • Pet bowls are made out of a thick, clear plastic and a black, non-skid rim along the bottom
  • Can display one photo in 2.875" diameter size
  • Top of the bowl has a 5" diameter, and it increases as you get to the base of the bowl which has a 7" diameter
  • Photo pet bowls have a depth of 2.125", and a capacity of 14 fluid oz. so these can hold food or water
  • Images are inserted underneath the bowl so your photo is fully protected
  • To personalize, flip the bowl over and locate the black circle in the middle and use the small tab to remove
  • Insert your photo face down in the clear circle, and replace the black cover by snapping it back into place
  • Makes the perfect custom accessory for pets